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This website project started out as a response to customers I meet at Pike Place Market. You can buy jewelry and other artwork I have done via the website (DanielLeen.com), but the rest of it (DanielLeen.org) kind of “snowplowed” into a major digital photo album. I hope the mailorder/paypal sales at least cover the digital rent. If not, you may end up looking for it on a web archive eventually. It has been a lot of work editing and organizing photos, but it should be fun to see if any of my customers enjoy the photos and commentary. If it helps anyone to develop a better appreciation of the world they live in (especially the Pacific Northwest) it will have been worth the hassle.

Daniel Leen Seattle, May 2007


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Note: Some of these photos were taken over 40 years ago. Due to the wonders of modern digital technology I have finally been able to organize and clean them, although some still display the scratches resulting from a rather peripatetic and low budget lifestyle. Unless otherwise indicated, all photos and text are copyrighted by Daniel Leen, , and may be used upon receiving permission from Daniel Leen. For non-commercial use, permission should be granted for most requests at no charge.

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